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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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today which is a resolution affirming the importance of maintaining a safety net for lg bt youth and to encourage universities to prevent a bowling -- to prevent bullying. we have been touched by the incident that happened at rutgers university just a few days ago where you had where you -- where you had the student who committed suicide. two students invaded his privacy by taking -- by videotaping and private interaction he had with
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a person of the same gender. there are many lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgendered people that have been harassed by their classmates and online. lgbt youths are more than four times more likely to commit suicide than their straight counterparts. in san francisco, they were 8.4 times more likely to report
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attempting suicide. we are near the year 2010, you still have many teenagers and young adults throughout this country that are driven to suicide because of a trauma of being bullied. we need to do something about that. close to 90% of those students experienced some form of harassment at school in the previous year. that means almost nine of 10 have experienced harassment. we are lucky that we have a board of education has been very sensitive on these issues and was creating a safe classroom program which makes the safety of these kids a top priority.
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even though san francisco unified has been working on this, there is still work that needs to be done. that resolution basically makes it clear that the board of supervisors and the city of county of san francisco firms the importance of maintaining a social safety net for lgbt youth. it resolves that the board of supervisors encourages schools, colleges, universities to increase their efforts to stop borrowing, raise awareness about lgbt youth and foster acceptance among all students.
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>> thank you. >> i am introduced sheehan and resolution supporting the california air resources board leadership to promote emission reductions for motor vehicles. i serve on the air quality management district which is a leader in insuring that the most polluted committees are prioritized. california has been experiencing a public health crisis due to poor health quality. air pollution causes severe adverse health impacts including asthma attacks, hospitalization, and premature death. there are many anbar militias that must be addressed such as kroger summers, force fires.
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san francisco has enacted a number of laws which is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. there are also those that support integrated land use. the resolution supports the state of california this -- efforts to implement the policies and programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions will also advancing public health, air quality, and the green and economy of california. resolution encourages the state of california and resources board to establish resources targets to incentivize the land use transportation planning. i want to acknowledge that the department of the environment has really been a leader throughout the country had and i
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know that we want to see ourselves as the electric vehicle capital of the u.s.. with all these different efforts, i hope to be supportive of the air resources board and i encourage support for my colleagues as well. thank you. >> colleagues, today i am proposing a number of ways to address issues that have resulted around tour buses in san francisco. my constituents complain about sightseeing buses including those that are idling too long, blocking traffic, and using loud amplification systems. we recognize the importance of tourism but too many people have
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had their quality of life negatively affected by tour buses and at this time there's further. regulation. we have worked with the mta, the police department, and other agencies to find solutions for these problems. and attracting much a station which will restrict the use of amplified sound on open airbuses. -- i am drafting legislation. we want to focus on the northeast part of the city. what the proposed better solutions for tour bus loading and parking. and requesting that the san
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francisco police department and force currently existing rules that are violated by tour buses related to noise levels like the time allowed for idling and unloading passengers. i am proposing that we increase the current fined for commercial vehicle idling from terry low amounts from where they are right now in order to truly -- the very low amounts from where they are right now. we need to be responsible neighbors. the rest will submit. >> that concludes roll call for introductions. >> why don't we go to general public comment? >> members of the public are welcome to address the board on members within jurisdiction the board and excluding items which have been considered by a board
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committee. speakers using translation assistance. if you would like a document displayed on the overhead projector and please remove the document when the screen should return to live coverage of the meeting. >> [speaking for my was] -- [speaking foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language] ladies and gentlemen, i am very proud today to tell you that last saturday in union square we had over 6000 arab, muslims, christians, make it and they treated the very culture of very well. ladies and gentlemen, i would
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like them forward this to be something like this as soon as i can. at least many of you going to see, we will give you various traditional dishes. caught before i leave the place.
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guaba >>-- >> january, 2010 was the time
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line for the bond issue getting completed. at that point, the program was only half finished and 78% over budget. is there any doubt so that there can be more years of private fund-raising. if we look at the foundation, -- according to the required filings with the state attorney general, since the year 2001, the private fund raisers have had total revenues of 31.7 million. during the same time, the total donations was 2.8 million. this would not even be that high if they did not consider purchasing an election. what is happening in the current year. the donations dropped 25% from $490,000 to 378,000 this year.
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the executive directors at salary went up 19% from 170,000 to 212,000. if you are looking at how private money extorts private -- public programs, the library is an example. the loser is not just a public benefit at dien diem of democracy itself. as society becomes more and more politicized, the benefits of society flows into less and less hands. thank you. >> thank you, annette speaker. >> -- next speaker.
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i have lived here for 50 years. my family has been farmers since the 1860's. i am concerned that the final decision makers, that you really visit the huge but county site -- do you the county side. the debt -- to view the count -- the yuba county site. our sludge and waste goes to yuba county in the sacramento county. after the decision was made, the person who made the decision was
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assets, have you visited the site? he said, no. he was then asked if any of his staff had gone and he had said no. we are progressive as a city. how can they say that this is the most environmentally friendly site when they have never gone to sea and examine the site. i'm asking that you do so. that is the number one fact. there is no agricultural land around it, this is baron hills. the other side is in the sacramento valley.
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>> thank you. >> i am concerned about this new landfill waste management proposal that you will be considering. currently, we have a key companies. this is taking to a landfill and waste management picks it up from there and processes it. under the new proposal, there will be one company handling it from the curbside to the dump site. that is a monopoly. the one article that was printed about this, it was stated that prices will go up for our
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garbage collection. i am concerned about this. currently, our garbage travels 35 miles and a truck to the ultimate landfill. under a new proposal, it will travel 140 miles on trucks and rail. the report does not include the construction of a railroad spur from the north and south route to into the landfill. the cost has not been concluded in the proposal -- included in the proposal. i understand that this will go to the budget and finance committee. i encourage you to go and visit both of this size before you give your final approval and bring it back to the board. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker.
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>> i am here to speak on the crisis facing our family courts. there's a protest set for october 12th in marin county to the construction -- destruction of evidence. we have a mediator on record u.s. confessed to destroying records. he is the same media that has been mediating my child custody for the past three years and has cost me a minimal amount of pain and suffering -- and innumerable amount of pain and suffering. ring county is where the most egregious crimes have been committed, they are now under
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fbi investigation. there is a formal complaint with the attorney general's office. i am teaming up with the center for -- excellence. we have a press conference said. this starts at 8:00 a.m. and will be gone until 1:30 p.m.. in every county in california, the crisis is such that they're using mediators and depriving people of their care not -- people of their rights. they are not qualified to make these decisions. many times, they give children to the abusers. there is no record of such. in marin county, they have destroyed evidence. they have no court reporters moreover when you go into court.
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i just want to speak on behalf of the children in california and say justice, please. thank you. >> next speaker. >> i really wish i had more time but -- senator nancy schaefer who was murdered in march, this is a big story, this is as big as 9/11. she was a member of a great conservative group. she was a baptist. is this boring to you, ump miss maxwell? she was left with bullet in art
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as was her husband. what she uncovered was the child protective services are full of pedophiles and molesters and she was trying to get legislation to prosecute them and lo and behold, some pedophile murdered her and tell -- murdered her. these unsubstantiated allegations. you know what is going on. senator schaefer said that she contacted other assembly people after she lost her senate seat over this because it is so corrupt that she lost her senate seat over it but she said she was glad because she was able to
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communicate with other people and other states. this is going on in california. they are intimidating parents. i am praying to god that robert chan lee gets into the assembly. i'm praying to god that in the city council -- >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> i would like people to see this year. people living with hiv, this is for president barack obama. you can get to this at the aids foundation in case you want to know about this.
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we cannot put things on our door a couple of -- on our door, who we want to vote for. they want to comment for the convention so that we can find out how we can work with the our landlords and property owners. if you are a poem, and musician, reformer, performer -- and performing artists, this will be at the library on october 29th. the blue angels are in town
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today. it seems like it will be orange for this columbus day season. we will look at these great people who are working with sro people. >> there is no campaigning allowed in the chambers. >> i know that we are getting ready to vote. chris, we don't know what people will do without you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. are there any other members of the public who wish to speak? >> can we move to the adoption without committee reference calendar? >> items 40-41 being voted upon
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by single vote. >> does anyone want to sever any of these items? >> i would like to sever item 40. >> roll-call vote. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye.
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>> the resolution passes. item 40. >> item 40 is condemning in the fbi raids on the trade union, and i work, and solidarity activists. >> i would like to continue this until the next meeting. >> with out objection, this will be moved until the 19th of october. >> mr. president, supervisor compass would like to be referred. >> -- campos would like to be restored. >> i would like to ask for and in more him fourth see -- i would like to do an in memorium
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on behalf of tylerclemente. >> today's meeting will be adjourned and the following -- in remembrance of the following individuals, robert billings and tyler clemente. >> do we have any more business for the day? for the day? >> that concludes our business.


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